Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thursday night!

Sweet love

Baking time

I made these 2 cards last week i honestly say i loved making these . It's near the weekend already time flies when your having fun lol!
On sat past i went to SECC for the craft fair oh i did take pics of my goodies but i've deleted them by mistake well that's me for you.
I'm in the middle of doing MIL's mother's day card & exploding box i also still to make anniversary card as it's on same day as mother's day which will be there 40th wow now that's a long time.
I've got my cousin visiting today as he was fitting the water pump as car going for MOT tomorrow & he now staying overnight omg wish he'd shut up for a minute or two lmao.
Hope everything goes ok wae car so keeping my fingers crossed. what have you all got planned for the weekend for mother's day?.


  1. Hi Denise
    Both cards are gorgeous,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  2. Gorgeous cards Denise - am following you now. I'm on busymitts, and have a blog too -

    Would love you to join me too.